Category: Coding

  • Asynchronous Event Planning

    Every so often in computer programming, you’ll encounter the issue where something you’re programming needs to access code written by another developer – an application programming interface, or API – and how you’re able to interface with that API depends entirely upon how that API is written. There are a number of common design patterns used, and one of these models is the Publisher/Subscriber model. Follow along and see one of the ways we can implement an Asynchronous Publisher/Subscriber Event Handler.

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  • Asynchronous Synchronization without Locks

    Back in the dawn of the computer age computers were only able to handle doing one operation at a time. As time went on, computers were increasingly better at hiding this due to clever task scheduling, but at it’s core (pardon the pun), computer processors were only actually able to do a single task at a time. Follow along while we explore how that changed over time, and learn how to synchronize multiple tasks to perform in symphony.

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