Nicholas Ewalt
Experienced Developer from Seattle, WA

Solo professional looking to take his skills to the next level in a company setting.
I’m a very experienced programmer with many tools under my belt, but I’m looking provide my skills to a company
for the first time. My top skills include C#, Unity, and C++, but I’m always open to a new challenge.

Work Experience
Steam App Development

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to work on various apps targeted for Steam. Below are some notable projects.


2016 – Present

My most successful product – a utility application that overlays media (window, screen, or camera) to SteamVR.
Achieved over 70,000 sales and $800,000 gross revenue
• Collaborated closely with leads at Valve to integrate seamlessly with SteamVR
• Provided ongoing support and maintenance post-launch
• Worked with Unity/C#, C++, and various win32 APIs


2022 – Present

My current hobby/learning project – a cross-platform networked pet management game.
• Developed cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS, and Android
• Gained experience with AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, identity provider, and S3)
• Worked with a fully custom URP render pipeline, including shader graph and HLSL

MinzEvo (Unreleased)

2019 – 2021

A co-op survival game hobby project into which I’ve invested hundreds of hours.
• Wrote server architecture and deployment, including server networks (Lobby, Game, and Master servers)
• Implemented various mechanics including authentication, websocket wrappers, idempotency,
pathfinding, runtime dependency injection, and public/private key certificate authority
• Worked with Unity, C#, DarkRift Networking, Docker, Batch, and Linux, among many other frameworks


Asides from my own projects, I’ve done many dozens of paid projects to bring others’ products to life.

Various Projects

2009 – Present

• Independently created many desktop and fullstack web applications
• Dug deep into various web frameworks, including HTML4, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery
• Used C, C++, C#, Java, Ruby, Perl, Python, and more
• Worked with clients to understand and deploy various deliverables
• Touched on networking, mobile development, Steam development, virtualization/containerization (Docker & Kubernetes)